June 4 - Mammüth


Steffen Overaa, Stig Johansen & David Hjellum from Mammüth visited our studio

01.ICED EARTH: I died for you
02.RANCID: Ghost of a chance
03.VEONITY: When humanity is gone
04.GUNS N' ROSES: Knockin' on heaven's door
05.BLINK 182: Los Angeles
06.TWISTED SISTER: Destroyer
07.DARE: Abandon
08.JORN: Life on the death road
09.PRIMAL FEAR: When death comes knocking
10.PRIMUS: Tommy the cat
11.VIPER BRAZIL: Killera (Princess of hell)
12.MAMMÜTH; Fortune teller
13.MAMMÜTH: Space ghost
14.MAMMÜTH: Dead man's trail
15.THYRANT: Damned at midnight
16.MAUSOLEUM OF DEATH: Sodomize the idols
17.MYRKUR: Onde børn
18.MUNICIPAL WASTE: Amateur sketch
19.SUFFOCATION: Return to the abyss
20.PICTURE ANN: Murder
21.NIFELHEIM: Infernal flame of destruction

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen