January 29

01.BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: Burning for you
02.LIV SIN: Let me out
03.SABATON: Rorke's drift
04.BLACK STONE CHERRY: In our dreams
05.PAIN OF SALVATION: Full throttle tribe
06.SPINAL TAP: The majesty of rock
07.ARMORED DAWN: William Fly (the pirate)
08.HELMET: Wilma's rainbow
09.GRAVE DIGGER: Call for war
10.HELLOWEEN: Mirror mirror
11.FM: American girls
12.GRAND LUX: Eye of the storm
13.THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN: Symptom of terminal illness
14.ANTHRAX: Suzerain
15.MARDUK: Glorification of the black god
16.HELHEIM: Baklengs mot intet
17.DARKNESS AND BLIZZ: Satan is with you
18.CHRONOSPHERE: Be the best
19.DEUS MORTEM: Receiving the impurity of Jeh
20.DREAMING DEAD: Funeral twilight
21.MOONSPELL: Mephisto

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen