December 30 - Top 2012

Our personal top 5 of 2012.

01.EUROPE: The final countdown
02.SCORPIONS: Blackout

Top 5.
04.R.S.: EX DEO: I, Caligula – Caligula
05.K.J.: UNISONIC: Souls alive – Unisonic
Top 4.
06.R.S.: CRADLE OF FILTH: Pallid reflection – The manticore and other horrors
07.K.J.: SABATON: The lion from the north – Carolus Rex
Top 3.
08.R.S.: KISS: The devil is me – Monster
09.K.J.: RAGE: Serial killer – 21
Top 2.
10.R.S.: TESTAMENT: Man kills mankind – Dark roots of earth
11.K.J.: CANDLEMASS: Prophet – Psalms for the dead
Top 1.
12.R.S.: PARADISE LOST: Solitary one – Tragic idol
13.K.J.: KREATOR: Civilization collapse – Phantom antichrist

14.GRAND ALCHEMIST: Deserted apocalyptic cities
15.LEMMING PROJECT: Experiments
17.DEAD TROOPER: Reapinf of your cries
18.IMBALANCE: The prophecy
19.ENSLAVED: Thoughts like hammers

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen