April 9

01.TANKARD: The morning after
02.AYREON: Into the ocean
03.KREATOR: World war now
04.DUM DUM BOYS: Shout it out loud
05.MAGICK TOUCH: Joker vs. ace
06.TESLA: Makin' magic
07.AVATARIUM: Into the fire/into the storm
08.KISS: Detroit rock city
09.SKID ROW: Monkey business
10.PICTURE ANN: Katarsis
11.ANGEL WITH NO ARMS: Sick of this shit
12.FLOTSAM AND JETSAM: No place for disgrace
13.SULPHUR: Plague and pestilence
14.SLEGEST: Som i eit endelikt
15.SARKOM: Infekted
16.HAIL SPIRIT NOIR: Riders to utopia
17.VESEN: See you in hell
18.RED HARVEST: Absolut dunkel:heit
19.BORKNAGAR: The dawn of the end
20.WHIP: Uh!
21.FURZE: Avail the autocrat of evil
22.WHOREDOM RIFE: Fyrstens land
23.NACHASH: A necromancer's lament

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen