April 30 - Karmøygeddon

This show was about Karmøygeddon Metal Fetival 2017.

01.FEJD: Offerök
02.THYRFING: Raven eyes
03.BULLET: Heading for the top
04.ASPHERIUM: Warden of eons
05.ARTILLERY: Legions
06.DARK TRANQUILITY: Force of hand
07.PRIMAL FEAR: Rollercoaster
08.MARDUK: Frontschwein
09.SEPTIC FLESH: The vampire from Nazareth
10.SAXON: Heavy metal thunder
11.ELUVEITIE: A rose for Epona
12.AINARIKIAR: Who we are
13.BACKSTREET GIRLS: Hangover in Hamburg
14.MOONSPELL: Full moon madness
15.BRAINSTORM: Shiva's tears
16.BLODHEMN: Evig heder
17.BORKNAGAR: Colossus
18.INSOMNIUM: Mortal share
21.ROSS THE BOSS: Blood of my enemies
22.GREEN CARNATION: Light of day, day of darkness

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen