December 31 - Top 2017

Show: Symphonium
Date: 2017 December 31

Our personal top 5 albums of the year 2017

01.EUROPE: The final countdown
02.TURBONEGER: Vaya con Satan

Oddgeir Gitlestad
03. 05.GRAVE DIGGER: Lawbreaker – Healed By Metal
04. 04.MUNICIPAL WASTE: Enjoy the night – Slime And Punishment
05. 03.KREATOR: World war now – Gods Of Violence
06. 02.HAVOK: Hang ’em high – Conformicide
07. 01.OVERKILL: The wheel – Grinding Wheel

Knut Ivar Jacobsen:
08. 05.MEMORIAM: War rages on – For The Fallen
09. 04.ALICE COOPER: Paranormal – Paranormal
10. 03.GRAVE DIGGER: Healed by metal – Healed By Metal
11. 02.ARCH ENEMY: Reason to believe – Will To Power
12. 01.KREATOR: Hail to the hordes – Gods Of Violence

Raymond Smith:
13. 05.ACCEPT: The rise of chaos – The Rise Of Chaos
14. 04.SATYRICON: The ghost of Rome – Deep Calleth Upon Deep
15. 03.PARADISE LOST: Fearless sky – Medusa
16. 02.CRADLE OF FILTH: You will know the lion by his claw – Cryptoriana The Seductiveness Of Decay
17. 01.AYREON: Everybody dies – The Source

18.AC/DC: Dirty eyes
19.MOTÖRHEAD: Ace of spades
20.CARNIVORA: State of fear and hate
21.OHMWORK: Retribution
22.GRAVE: Flesh before my eyes

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen
Oddgeir Gitlestad