November 19

01.TESTAMENT: Do or die
02.PINK CREAM 69: Unite and divide
03.EL DOOM & THE BORN ELECTRIC: It’s electric
04.BARE EGIL BAND: Tagging
05.BLACK DEBBATH: Dum dum minister
06.MAGICK TOUCH: Out of reality
07.MANOWAR: King of kings
08.KISS: I walk alone
09.SLADE: Cum on feel the noize
10.TNT: 10.000 lovers (in one)
11.SCORPIONS: Big city nights
12.TYKETTO: Rescue me
13.MUSTASCH: Heresy blasphemy
14.RAVEN: Crash bang wallop
15.ACCEPT: Russian roulette
17.RED FANG: Flies
18.MASTODON: Crystal skull
19.LEPROUS: From the flame
20.WARTEX: Fuck this world
21.SATYRICON: The ghost of Rome
22.BATHORY: A fine day to die

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen