December 10

01.OZZY OSBOURNE: Bark at the moon
02.OBSESSION: For the love of money
03.HUSH: Enemy
04.HARDLINE: Nobody’s fool
05.COMMUNIC: Moondance
06.AC/DC: Thunderstruck
07.THE DARK ELEMENT: My sweet mystery
09.PYRAMAZE: Melancholy beast
10.RAINBOW: Mistreaded
11.CANNIBAL CORPSE: Shedding my human skin
12.CHUCK BILLY: Silent night
13.NAZGHOR: Ephemeral hunger
14.LOXODROM: Nordavind
15.MAMMÜTH: Crushing mountains to dust
16.IRON MONKEY: Omegamangler
17.ARCH ENEMY: First day in hell
18.MY DYING BRIDE: The snow in my hand

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen