November 5

01.BONFIRE: Don’t touch the light
02.HELLOWEEN: Pumpkins united
03.JEFF SCOTT SOTO: Rage of the year
04.TÖMMERMENN: Universal
05.AMBERIAN DAWN: I’m the one
06.DEEP PURPLE: Highway star
07.MANOWAR: The gods made heavy metal
08.CORRODED: React and disconnect
09.TWILIGHT FORCE: Flight of the sapphire dragon
10.DRAGONFORCE: Ashes of the dawn
11.NECRONOMICON: Egypt, the red earth
12.EXHUMED: The harrowing
13.SOILWORK: The ride majestic
14.VREDEHAMMER: Suffocate all light
15.MYRKSKOG: The hate syndicate
16.KOLDBRANN: Drammen
17.MYSTICUM: Fist of Satan
18.GLOAM: Death is the beginning
19.MORBID ANGEL: Curse the flesh
20.ODIUM: Altering the state of being

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen