September 13

01.METALLICA: Battery
02.REFUSED: Dawkins christ
03.NIGHTWISH: My walden
05.SYMPHONY X: Kiss of fire
06.KROKUS: Out of control
07.RUSSKAJA: Rock'n roll today
08.DRAKKAR: Run with the wolf
09.ANIMA MUNDI: Flying to the sun
10.SPOCK'S BEARD: The planet's hum
11.RAISE HELL: Six feet under
12.GREY SEASON: Tartarus
13.AURA NOIR: Gaping grave awaits
14.MYRKUR: Hævnen
15.WOLFHEART: Last of all winters
16.MOMENTUM: Between two worlds
17.RIWEN: Stalking a wounded wolf
18.OBITUARY: Final thoughts
19.STERBHAUS: Necrostabbing the corpsefinder
20.NECROPHAGIA: Children of the vortex

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen