October 30

01.HELLOWEEN: Halloween
02.DEE SNIDER: Head like a hole
03.ANVIL: Metal on metal
04.ACCEPT: Restless and wild
05.SABATON: In the army now
06.VOLA: Gutter moon
07.TOTALT JÄVLA MÖKER: Samma jävla skit
08.SLEGEST: Wolf
09.SONIC SYNDICATE: Confessions
10.CATHEDRAL: Midnight mountain
11.METALLICA & LOU REED: Brandenburg gate
12.OPETH: Will O the wisp
13.SOBER: Loaded
14.HAIL SPIRIT NOIR: Riders to Utopia
15.ARCH ENEMY: Bury me an angel
16.SARKOM: Inferior bleeding
17.PRIMORDIAL: The seed of tyrants
18.MAYHEM: From the dark past
19.DISKORD: Lethargic regression
20.ANGEL CORPSE: Eat me alive
21.KING DIAMOND: Halloween

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen