October 25

01.SAVATAGE: Streets
02.MICHAEL MONROE: Good old bad days
03.QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE: No one knows
04.MONSTER MAGNET: Gods and punks
05.NIGHTWISH: Yours is an empty hope
06.GARTNERLOSJEN: Japan gartnerheavy
07.RENDEZVOUS POINT: Through the solar storm
08.LEPROUS: Third law
09.MOTORHEAD: Fire storm hotel
10.LED ZEPPELIN: Whole lotta love
11.AMBERIAN DAWN: Ladyhawk
12.HELLOWEEN: My god-given right
13.RAWHEAD REXX: Rawhead rexx
14.FALL OF GAIA: Kronos
15.AMON AMARTH: Vs. the world
16.PICTURE ANN: Secret noir agent
17.HIGH ON FIRE: Devilution
18.1349: Celestial deconstruction
19.ANCESTOR: Iron liver
20.ZEROZONIC: Aftersane
21.SEPULTURA: Dead embronic cells

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen