October 11

01.SKID ROW: Monkey business
02.FLORA CASH: Shout it out loud
03.ENTWINE: Fortune falls
04.BLACK SABBATH: War pigs
05.LEATHERWOLF: Wicked ways
07.W.A.S.P.: Golgotha
08.MINISTRY: Bang a gong
09.DA VINCI: Tarquinia
10.CHILDREN OF BODOM: My bodom, (I am the only one)
11.SLOANE SQUARE: Invictus
12.SOLSTAFIR: Bloodsoaked velvet
13.ZEROZONIC: Back to me
14.MYSTIC CIRCLE: Wings of death
15.PARADISE LOST: No hope in sight
16.DEADPOINT: Give me the power
17.THE 3RD ATTEMPT: Sons of the winter
18.VREID: Solverv
19.NETHERFELL: Towards fertile lands
20.CALLENISH CIRCLE: Soul messiah

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen