November 15

01.RAINBOW: Man on the silver mountain
03.MARIUS DANIELSEN: Raise your shields
04.MADAM X: High in high school
05.GRAVE DIGGER: Shoot her down
06.TURBONEGER: Don't say motherfucker, motherfucker
07.TIEBREAKER: Early morning love affair
08.BIG CITY: Wintersleep
09.MOTÖRHEAD: Orgasmatron
10.TERAMAZE: For the innocent
11.MUSTASCH: Breaking up with disaster
12.IN FLAMES: In plain view
13.ARCTURUS: The bodkin & the quietus
15.NILE: Call to destruction
16.BLOOD RED THRONE: In hell I roam
17.AMORPHIS: Death of a king
18.CRADLE OF FILTH: Right wing of the garden triptych
19.VREDEHAMMER: Spawn tyrant
20.VREID: Storm frå vest
21.KEEP OF KALESSIN: The spiritual relief

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen