March 20

01.UFO: Doctor doctor
02.IRON MAIDEN: The red and the black
03.WASP: Saturday night's alright for fighting
04.MOTÖRHEAD: Hellraiser
05.THE 69 EYES: Jet fighter plane
06.PIL & BUE: Fear flee freeze fight
07.EL CACO: The silver light
08.BLACK STONE CHERRY: In our dreams
09.MARUTA: Serotonin
10.PAIN: Fear the demons
11.SARKE: Blood of men
12.MORBID ANGEL: Fall from grace
13.ISVIND: Ordet
14.SARKOM: Infected
15.NETHERFELL: Towards fertile lands
16.VREDEHAMMER: Violator
17.SAHG: Then wakens the beast
18.ORKAN: Brende bruer, svart metall
19.LUCIFER'S CHILD: He, who punishes and slays
20.THE 3RD ATTEMPT: Beast within
21.ATENA: Kids
22.DØDSFALL: Inn i fjellets dypeste dyp

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen