June 26 - Norway Rock

Most of the show was about Norway Rock Festival 2016.
Interview with Ann Frestad from the festival.

01.DIO: The last in line
02.MOTÖRHEAD: When the sky comes looking for you
03.VIRUS: Rogue fossil
04.FEAR THEORIES: My own worst enemy
05.KAL-EL: Astrogate
07.NITERAIN: Bad girl
08.THE DOGS: Are you with him now
09.AMMUNITION: Silverback
10.WIHTIN TEMPTATION: Paradise (what about us?)
11.HOLD FAST: Chapel & breath
12.BLODSMAK: Giljotin
13.TEARDOWN: Glass idol
14.COMMUNIC: Flood river blood
15.THE CARBURETORS: Burning rubber
16.AVATAR: The eagle has landed
17.FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH: Jekyll and hyde
..Rock Festival.
18.ANTHRAX: Evil twin
19.PESTILENCE: Out of the body
20.NAPALM DEATH: How the years condemn
21.BLACK TRIP: The perfect dream of a perfect death
22.BATHORY: One road to Asa bay

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen