July 19 - Artch

Interview with Eiríkur Hauksson  and Jørn Jamissen from Artch, recorded at the Tons Of Rock Festival

01.TESTAMENT: Souls of black
03.BULLET: Heading for the top
04.THE DAMNED: Feel the pain
05.GALAR: Natt... og taust et forglemt liv
06.KISS: God of thunder
07.PICTURE ANN: Closed off entirely
08.DEE SNIDER: To hell and back
09.CRYSTAL BALL: Mayday!
10.ARTCH: Power to the man
11.ARTCH: Burn down the bridges
12.ARTCH: Another return to Church hill
13.DEMOTIONAL: When she cries
14.MORTAL AGONY: No worth
15.DEBAUCHERY: Ironclad declaration of war
16.CRADLE OF FILTH: Hammer of the witches
17.STILLBIRTH: Mothertrucker
18.CARACH ANGREN: The witch perished in flames
19.TAAKE: Kongsgaard bestaar
20.CREST OF DARKNESS: Abandoned by God

Raymond Smith

Oddgeir Gitlestad
Knut Ivar Jacobsen