July 17

01.MANOWAR: Black wind, fire and steel
02.RAGE: The devil strikes again
03.SABATON: The lost battalion
04.POISON: Talk dirty to me
05.WOLF HOFFMANN: Night on bald mountain
06.KEOMA: Bloodstar
07.THE TUBES: White punks on dope
08.WHITE ZOMBIE: Red river flow
09.DORO: Earthshaker rock
09.VIRUS: Dripping into orbit
10.MAGOR: Essence to the oblivion
11.DESTRUCTION: Second to none
12.OCTOBER TIDE: Nursed by the cold
13.A.H.P.: Unleashed the storms
14.STERBHAUS: The king of the red
15.MACHINE HEAD: Is there anybody out there
16.ZEENON: Immunization
17.COFFINS: Tyrant
18.MISTUR: Firstborn son

Raymond Smith