December 20

01.TWISTED SISTER: White Christmas
02.PIL & BUE: No is the answer
03.REVERENCE: Gods of war
04.BACKSTREET GIRLS: One for the road
05.AVANTASIA: Death is just a feeling
06.MCAULEY SCHENKER GROUP: Gimme' your love
07.MACHINÆ: Never coming back
08.PICTURE ANN: Moody sucker
09.STEAK NUMBER EIGHT: Knows sees tells all
10.KAMELOT: The great pandemonium
11.WITHIN TEMPTATION: Silver moonlight
12.JJ72: Glimmer
13.MORBO: Behind me
14.HELHEIM: Raunijar
15.MARDUK: The blonde beast
16.THE MOTH GATHERER: Probing the descent of man
17.IMAGES AT TWILIGHT: Lograttin part II
18.TRIOXIN: Spiteful remain
19.BATHTUB SHITTER: Little drummer boy
21.DARKTHRONE: Hans siste vinter

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen