August 28

01.ALICE COOPER: Welcome to my nightmare
02.NARNIA: On the highest mountain
03.MONSTER TRUCK: Don't tell me how to live
04.NICKELBACK: How you remind me
05.WITHEM: In the hands of a god
06.RAINBOW: Long live rock'n roll
07.BLUES PILLS: Little boy preacher
08.SLADE: Cum on feel the noize
09.RAGE: War
10.KISS: I love it loud
11.DUST BOLT: Mass confusion
12.PICTURE ANN: No one x nothing
13.METALLICA: Hardwired
14.STEP FORWARD: Does it make a difference
15.WITHERSCAPE: The examiner
16.TAETRE: Paint it black
17.RIBOZYME: Bronze
19.THE COMBAT NOISE: Into the killing zone
20.MESHUGGAH: Born in dissonance
21.VI: Par le jugement causè par ses poisons
22.MORBID ANGEL: Too extreme!

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen