August 23

01.OZZY OSBOURNE: Fire in the sky
02.NEAL SCHON: Schon & Hammer now
03.DEEP PURPLE: Highway star
04.RELOAD: Give in to the night
05.THE CLASH: Tommy gun
06.PICTURE ANN: Secret noir agent
07.LED ZEPPELIN: Whole lotta love
08.SEPTUM: Can you hear me scream
09.BLACK DEBBATH: Til hælvete med Munchmuseet!
10.PLACENTA: Human abyss
11.SHELTER: Working miracles
12.THE 3RD & THE MORTAL: Death hymn
13.THE GATHERING: Saturnine
14.LIV KRISTINE: Vervain
15.NIGHTWISH: The siren
16.FORGOTTEN TOMB: Bad dreams come true
17.THE KONSORTIUM: Lik ulven
18.VIPER SOLFA: The viper legion
19.DEICIDE: Sacrificial suicide
20.PRIMORDIAL: The seed of tyrants

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen