August 2

01.MÖTLEY CRÜE: Girls, girls, girls
03.LUCA TURILLI'S RHAPSODY: One ring to rule them all
04.<CODE>: Numb, an author
05.SEPTUM: Can you hear me scream
06.ANTI-FLAG: Fabled world
07.GUARDIANS OF TIME: Iron heart
08.SICK OF IT ALL: Road less traveled
09.NIGHTWISH: Weak fantasy
10.ANTHRAX: Bring the noise
11.DEMON LUNG: Deny the savior
12.FLUGSCHEDEL: Holtz puppensubbe
13.CUT UP: Brain cell holocaust
14.TO/DIE/FOR: Screaming birds
15.PRO-PAIN: Souls on fire
16.CASSIDY: Sea of green
17.TOXIC DEATH: Speed metal hell
18.TOXIC HOLOCAUST: War is hell
19.KOLDBRANN: Fortapelse i svovel og helvetesild
21.STORAGE 5: Fly high fall deep
22.LAMB OF GOD: Still echoes
23.TAAKE: Gamle norig

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen