A radio show at Kanal 3 Norge
You can listen to the show  as webradio or webtv


Symphonium is a radio show aimed first and foremost towards the Heavy Metal crowd. The show was first initiated in October 1991 with transmissions for Øvre Eiker Radio. Symphonium used to air on Monday nights. In January 1992 however, the show was moved to Saturdays.

1992 Symphonium arose to a Death Metal radio show, assigned one hour of air time.

1993 Symphonium reverted back to Heavy Metal, targeting once again a wider audience.

1994 The station acquires more powerful transmittors, and is now able to transmit to Nedre Eiker and parts of Drammen. The radio station changes its name to Radio Eiker.

1995 Symphonium again changes days. The show is moved to Sunday, and now has 2 hours of air time.

1997 This year Symphonium is assigned 4 hours of air time.

1998 Symphonium goes back to airing for 2 hours, from 4 p.m to 6 p.m.

As of march 1998 Radio Eiker starts transmitting from Kongsberg, and the station changes it name to P5 Radio Kongsberg.

2003 The station changes it name to Radio Pluss. Even more powerful transmittors are installed, and the station now reaches Nedre Eiker, Øvre Eiker, Modum, Flesberg, Kongsberg and Drammen.

2003 Symphonium is put in charge of "Norsk Rock" (Norwegian Rock) and "Rock +". Both these shows are computer operated, and they both air prior to Symphonium.

2004 Symphonium finally on web.

2005 Symphonium started working together with Interradio.no. Symphonium are streaming out the shows from their server.

2009 Symphonium.no gets redesigned.

2011 The radiostation is named Kanal 3 Norge

Symphonium has evolved into a show aiming to cover happening concerts ranging from Oslo to Notodden, and some chosen festivals around the world as well. We will also play all the important new releases "whatever we can get our hands on", and we'll play all demos submitted to us at least once. We will be informative and unbiased. We will cover everything from Hard Rock to Black Metal.